Industrial Vehicle Driving Courses

Safe Driving: the aim of the course is to enable pupils to gain a high level of control of vehicles and awareness of their limitations, through practical experience of the most common emergency situations there are likely to meet on the road.

Eco Driving:  by teaching responsible driving, the course improves driving comfort, limits the wear and deterioration of vehicles and reduces fuel consumption by almost 15%.

Perceptive Driving: the aim of the course is to allow drivers of industrial vehicles to acquire the experience they will require to interpret traffic and road conditions and prevent dangerous situations.

Positioning and fixing of loads: the purpose of this course is to teach pupils correct, effective and secure procedures for positioning and fixing of loads on industrial vehicles.

BBS: the programmes and organisational procedures for safe driving courses for HGVs provided by ASC are compliant with the principles and procedures in the safe driving guidelines for industrial vehicles drafted by CE-FIC/ECTA based upon the BBS (Behaviour Based Safety) protocol, which aims to increase road transport safety (driving the vehicle and loading/unloading of goods).
The course is particularly suited to drivers of tank vehicles.