Two individual or two combined tracks

The North and South Bends are both more than 800 m long and are 12 m wide

The North and South bends allow vehicles to travel along the High Speed Straight in both directions of travel without having to do a U-turn, but they can also be used separately. The North Bend has a variable radius, while the South Bend radius is constant. Moreover, the South Bend has an artificial wetting system that allows for driving exercises with a low adhesion coefficient. The North Bend is 860 m long, and features another three minor bends with differing radiuses, making it ideal for testing the vehicle behaviour with constant changes of direction.


Main features

Radius South Bend55 m
Length South Bend824 m
Length μ-split (South Bend zone)150 m
Low adhesion coefficient μ-split (average)0,4
Wet straight (South Bend zone)130 m
Wet Stretch South Bend120 m
Radius North Bend80 m
Length North bend852 m