Car Driving Courses

Start: an introductory course to Safe Driving which uses the service area for driving exercises. This area is used to recreate conditions of poor adhesion and emergency situations, that can result in a loss of control over vehicles, which pupils will learn to control and correct.

Safe Driving: a complete course to learn to maintain complete control over a vehicle in the event of a sudden loss of adhesion or when it becomes necessary to brake forcefully to avoid sudden obstacles. Driving technique is acquired through a progressive series of exercises and subsequently refined during laps on the track, where pupils are taught braking techniques, how to approach bends and correct driving trajectories.

Perceptive Driving: a series of exercises on the service area and racetrack, to guide and improve the attention levels of pupils, which is essential for assessing potential dangers resulting from traffic conditions, road infrastructure, and improper use of information and communication instruments, as well as light and weather conditions.

Sports Driving: a course for a sporty and dynamic audience, as well as a unique opportunity to learn the techniques and essential manoeuvres for driving fast around a racetrack.

Eco Driving: a course dedicated entirely to acquiring the necessary information for reducing fuel consumption and resulting vehicle repair and maintenance costs through control of the accelerator and gearbox.

Defence Driving: a course, which is mainly designed for Public Security Forces and escort and security staff, teaches pupils how to acquire full command of vehicles at high speeds, including in conditions of intense traffic and emergency situations, and control the effects of “heavy armouring” on vehicle dynamics.