Off-Road Driving Courses

Off-Road Driving: a course designed to satisfy the operational requirements of professional users of 4x4 vehicles and private customers who want to use their off-road vehicles in complete safety. A particular focus is dedicated to assessing obstacles and  driving techniques that should be adopted to overcome these even in conditions of limited adhesion.

Advanced Off-Road Driving: a two-day course which combines the teaching programme of the basic course with the manoeuvres that should be carried out for safeguarding and recovering off-road vehicles with manual and electric winches.

Firefighting Module: courses for drivers of forestry firefighting units who use off-road vehicles designed to carry firefighting modules. The course teaches off-road driving techniques and shows pupils how to negotiate obstacles with an oscillating loads and a high centre of gravity.

Cargo Trailer: a course designed to achieve a high standard of safety at the wheel of a vehicle with a cargo trailer on an off-road track.