Meeting Rooms

The three meeting rooms have a modular structure and side doors which enable cars to be brought in. They all have instruments to manage sound, video and lighting and an automatic dimming system for the windows, to ensure optimal lighting conditions at all times.

The retractable walls enable the space and number of seats in the halls to be modulated with three different options:

  • Use of a single 80 m2 hall
  • Use of the medium-sized 160 m2 hall
  • Use of the entire conference hall - 240 m2

The meeting rooms look out onto the farmhouse portico, which can host the reception service for guests. All internal and external spaces can be personalised on the basis of the requirements of customers and are all equipped with Ethernet and Wi-Fi systems for Internet connection.

The catering services, which are situated on the central building, include a hall for il self-service and a restaurant area.