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The Comfort Track

The Comfort course is situated in two different areas of the centre, with tracks of 1,400 and 250 metres in length. It is used for tests to measure the comfort and handling of vehicles: noise levels, creaking, compression of suspension and behaviour on drains on roads.


Main features

Overall length1,400 m
Porphyry (blocks of 10x10cm)3 m x 50 m (length)
Porphyry + Asphalt1 m + 2 m x 50 m (length)
Step (granite)260 cm x 10 cm x 3 cm
Manhole covers (cm 50x50)5
Rails3 m
Paved road (block width 75 cm)10 m x 3 m
Cobblestones3 m x 2 m
Draining asphalt115 m x 3 m
Cement humps3 humps over 30 m
Asphalt humps4 humps over 80 m
Alternating asphalt humps3 humps over 60 m
Asphalt couplingsYes