An equipped area for all types of tests

The GuidaSicura Service area is a space of 17,000 sqm located near the South Bend

The full surface of the Service area can be wet; the area has two “walls of water” that can be activated by remote control, to simulate in safe conditions the appearance of sudden obstacles, and a section covered in marble which, when wet, reproduces conditions of low adhesion. The facility also enabled dynamic tests to be conducted on vehicles, like the steering pad (test on a  bend with a constant radius) and the mu-split (braking on surfaces with different levels of adhesion).

On the two opposite sides of the service area there are air-conditioned premises, resembling small homes, where pupils can be accommodated comfortably during their safe driving courses.


Main features

Size17,000 sqm
Artificial wettingYes
Water barriers for Safe Driving exercises2
Surface with low level of adhesion (granite)22 m x 4 m
Equipped hospitality areas2