Obstacles are not a problem

The Off-Road course has a surface area of 53,000 sqm and comprises 29 specific obstacles

The area dedicated to off-road vehicles, which covers an area of 53 thousand m2, is a real training ground for off-road driving, that is used for both the testing of 4x4 vehicles (jeeps, SUVs, crossovers), and for Safe Driving off-road courses.

The artificial morphology of the terrain, with climbs and descents of various gradients, sideways inclinations, scree, fording basin of variable depth and typical off-road obstacles, enables the mobility and traction characteristics of four or more wheel drive vehicles to be measured and assessed and to carry out complete off-road driving teaching activities.


Main features

Overall area53,000 sqm
Equipped hospitality area400 sqm
Longitudinal grades20% to 100%
Lateral gradients 25° to 45°
Trial area 1,000 sqm
Slalom area (stable adhesion / poor adhesion)4,000 sqm
Adjustable fording basinmax depth 60 cm
Scree (stones max height 30 cm)25 m x 3 m
Artificial twist (metallic structure)1
Tiered cement trench1
Winch training positions2
Duration of complete off-road course40 minutes
Unpaved road stretchYes
Natural off-road stretchYes
Car wash point1